14 April 2014


Paris... I have never been there but it seems to be so perfect. Who wouldn't even once have dreamed about walking on the streets of Paris and sitting and drinking coffee at the beautiful cafeterie's of the city. And Eiffel-tower, the landmark of Paris! The view from top of the Eiffel must be absolutely incredible... specially at night time. Million lights of the city where lives millions of people!

My lifelong dream has been to travel every big city in the world. I don't know why but all those streets with full of different and stylish people, huge buildings and the city lights at the night time just attracts me! I just am a city girl... Someday I want to live in some of the metropoli's of the world.

That's why I'm more than glad to announce that next summer... I'm going to spend one month in Paris! I'm super exited about that because like I told before I've never been there. It's amazing to get to explore a whole new city.

Even though I haven't done much plans for the trip yet, I know the next summer is going to be the best ever! That's for sure!

Bye bye!

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